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Business Services
Premier Bank offers our business customers an outstanding selection of competitively priced services to complement our commercial checking, saving, and investment accounts. We continue to upgrade and incorporate new services to give our business owners the financial tools they need to compete in the global marketplace. Please visit the descriptions of our new, exciting service additions, Cash Management and online Bill Pay.

Merchant Services
High volume businesses need low-cost credit and debit card acceptance for their sales and services. Premier Bank now offers two competitive options for merchant services. Merchant services can help your business increase sales and stay competitive. Our service providers have a large selection of credit card choices for you to choose from. Please contact a personal banker at one of our branch locations for a free cost analysis.
Online Banking Services
Premier Bank's NetTeller online banking service is easy to use, and available when you are. With NetTeller you can check your account balances, view transactions and cleared checks at a time that is convenient for you. NetTeller also allows you to transfer between accounts and to print statements and copies of checks that have cleared. We have expanded our online customer capability, providing additional easy-to-use services to enhance your ability to bank from your home or office.
Bill Pay
Premier Bank now has Bill Pay. With Bill Pay you can electronically (or by mail) pay up to 15 items each month for free, including transfers to your accounts at other financial institutions, and even pay your bills automatically each month. Bill Pay can save you time and the cost of postage. Bill Pay requires a checking account tied to your NetTeller identification. 

Online Cash Management Services
Online Cash Management Services are Premier Bank's newest time and money saving services available through your NetTeller login. Cash Management Services provide an expanded view of your business account activity, with more options to help you organize and manage your money. You can initiate stop-payments, domestic wires, and international wires on line with discounted fees.  Introducing ACH origination: With our online ACH origination capabilities you can make electronic payments (credits), such as payroll for your employees, or debit your customers' accounts for sevices rendered, saving the time and expense of billing by mail. ACH origination capability is subject to credit approval. 

Auto Sweeps (ZBA)*
An auto Sweep, also known as a zero balance account (ZBA), is a money management tool that eliminates the need for manual transfers between accounts.  As debits and credits post to the account they are automatically offset at the end of each day by a transfer from a master funding account to maintain a predetermined account balance.  Auto Sweeps can be used to fund a payroll account or to concentrate funds from a depository or operating account.

*Sweeps from Money Market Accounts are limited to six sweeps per statement cycle.

Wire Transfers
Wire Transfers provide a safe and fast way to send money from your personal or business account to a personal or business account at another financial institution.  Premier Bank offers domestic as well as international wire transfers. A signed Wire Transfer Agreement is required for customers that wish to request wires remotely by fax or through our online Cash Management service.

Check Reordering 
Harland Clarke offers an easy-to-use, Internet-based check reordering feature for our personal and business account holders. Check Reorder Express provides a convenient and secure site for you to place an order for checks and check-related products. Click here for a Check Reorder Express user guide.

Check Safekeeping 
Check Safekeeping is a digital-image-storage system for our customers' checks, deposit slips, and deposited negotiable items.  Customers with accounts that have safekeeping do not receive images of their account transaction items in their statements, but may request individual image copies for a $1 per item fee.  The benefits of this technology are easier storage and retrieval, numerical arrangement of copies, and the ability for customers to view the images on the NetTeller online banking system.  Statments for our Premier Business and Premier Business Analysis checking accounts receive image copies at no charge.  Safekeeping is a standard feature on our Empire Business and Community checking accounts.  Statement images are available upon request for a $2 monthly charge.

Corporate Credit Cards
Open a VISA credit card account for your business today. Individual cards are available for your employees. Our credit card billing is a great way to track expenses.

Notary Public
Notary services are free for bank customers to certify/attest signatures on documents.

Cashier's Checks
Premier Bank sells Cashier's Checks to our customers for a small fee. Cashier's Checks are available in all branches at the teller line.

Money Orders
Premier Bank sells Money Orders to our customers for a small fee. Money orders are available in all branches at the teller line.

Voice Banking
InTouch Voice Banking is a 24-hour customer access telephone line to your account information. Call toll-free 1-877-MYBANKI (1-877-692-2654) on a touch-tone telephone to access your account information. Follow these simple instructions:

  • Please have your account number(s) handy when using InTouch.
  • The first time you call you will be asked to provide your Social Security or Tax Identification number.
  • You will be asked to choose a Personal Identification Number (PIN) of from one to ten digits in length for future access.
  • A series of menu selections will be available for you to access your account information.  

Remote Deposit
Remote Deposit Capture brings Premier Bank's teller window to your business.  This one-stop solution for businesses includes electronic payment processing, online reports and risk management services.  Just capture all your money orders, consumer checks, cashier's checks and commercial checks electronically with our secure, accountable check processing system.

Visit our ATM located at our Aurora Branch, 978 S Havana Street, Aurora, CO  80012.  There is no surcharge fee for Premier Bank customers using their Premier Bank Debit Cards at this location.


 You may be charged $2.50 for withdrawing cash from this ATM.  This fee is added to the amount of your withdrawal and additional to any fees that you be charged by your institution.



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