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NetTeller Online Banking Security
We want you to be confident about security when accessing your financial information
online. Premier Bank utilizes multiple layers of protection to increase your security while you use Premier Bank's NetTeller online banking.
Secure Online Banking
Premier Bank's NetTeller service offers you secure access to your accounts. As part of the sign on process, you may occasionally be prompted to answer one of the Personal Verification Questions you have set up. Once you have signed on, you can check your balances, transfer funds, and pay bills online quickly and safely. We monitor NetTeller activity to enhance your security and to protect your financial information. One of the security features you will notice is the date and time of your last sign on displayed within key areas of  the Premier Bank NetTeller system. The date and time displayed should match the last time you signed on, providing an extra layer of security protection.
Web Browser Encryption
Web browsers use encryption to communicate securely over the Internet. You must have a browser with 128-bit encryption to use the NetTeller service. All of the browsers supported by Premier Bank offer 128-bit encryption.
Session Timeout
Your Premier Bank NetTeller session will end after a period of inactivity to protect you further. If you wish to continue using the NetTeller service, you will have to sign on again. You should always sign out of NetTeller when you have finished, and if you are using a computer that is not your own, you should also delete your browser's cache and close the browser window.

E-mail Security

E-mail transmissions outside of the NetTeller site are not secure.  We advise you not to send us or request sensitive information by e-mail such as account numbers, passwords, account information, or other customer sensitive information that would compromise your safety and security.  If you wish to contact us electronically, use the Contact feature provided while logged into the NetTeller service.  Use this secure form to e-mail Premier Bank regarding  electronic funds transfers, error resolutions, unauthorized transactions, or to contact us regarding other concerns of a confidential nature.

What is Identity Theft?
Identity theft or identity fraud (true name fraud) is using a person's identity to obtain credit, order credit cards from banks and retailers, steal money from the victim's existing accounts, obtain medical services, apply for loans, establish accounts with utility companies, rent an apartment, file bankruptcy, or obtain a job using the victim's name.  The impersonator may steal thousands of dollars in the victim's name without the individual even knowing about it for months or even years.  Criminals have recently been using people's identities to commit crimes ranging from traffic infractions to felonies.


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